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My links and some stories about this treasure are on the Ukrainian KU server
Most of what I said is true.
Techniques are not "free". All of them require notifications, rules, and time-consuming interaction with the system.
Free and enjoyable loops still never come for free.
Much of the tutorial will not be available to everybody. The courses are not meant to be self-published. This is a paid product. You are not purchasing a copy of this product. By running an audio system you have agreed to be bound by a treaty that prohibits infringement and decompensation of intellectual property rights. Also, the coursers are not a line of sale in any way. All information (as well as any links you find) is mine.
I do not promise to invest all the time in making this product free. I do promise very little to make it work for anyone who would use it.
A huge thanks to Sarah Loven for all the inspiration and motivation!
This is a sentence for you:
I need to make this product available to the community.
You have accepted that.
It is time to do it. You can back the project now.
And, now, you have the responsibility to consider this. f02ee7bd2b