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Tablets with touch screens can be used both for calculations and for direct data entry. Memory can be used both physical and operational. Touchscreens may contain perforated paper on which data deleted from the dashboard is written, or punched cards for entering data via e-mail. At best, you only need access to the Internet.
Until the early 1990s, there was a ban on the use of touch screens in desktop and laptop computers. Since then, the Intel PowerPC series of Pentium MMX microcomputers has received mixed reviews for having more processing power while being less flexible. In the middle of 1990, Intel released the Intel 8088 processor, which for the first time allowed programmers to experience the touch screen.
The first devices based on the eighth generation of Pentx processors were created by Seagate Technology and Intel (represented by the SGI division). As a result, they have proven to be among the highest performing desktop processors; and this applies to both 8086s and 9086s, 940s and 8600s processors.
In general, there were few devices with a touch panel on the Pentium (according to various sources, there were from one to three) - and all of them were used mainly for scientific research. In the early 1990s, some companies (for example, IBM) began to produce tablets based on these processors under the designation PC NET.
A small number of these devices supported the IDE interface, which allowed users to easily download and run programs on the hard drive, which at that time was the main storage medium for computers.
Enterprises were ready for the introduction of touch screens into computers. By the end of 1990, several manufacturers announced the release of a device based on 8089 chips. Although it was not widely used, as users preferred to use the IDE and SCSI interfaces.
The first Pentium-based device with a sensor was the 3070, released by Intel in August 1991. By this time, SGS, on the contrary, had the proven 808 series, and the production of devices based on it began in June 1991.
By 1991, many companies had developed various touch screen devices. So, for example fe70933767