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Thira Malayalam Movie Songs ((LINK)) Download 320 Kbps Mp3

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Download Thira Songs By Neha Nair,Vineeth Sreenivasan Thira Album Malayalam Songs Mp3 All Neha Nair New Album Full Song 2013.
This is the first album to feature two new songs and play them for the first time, also the first to be released on Vineeth's own record label Amar Mega Album. The music is very composed and retains a very traditional Malayali musical structure, it is described as "mat Mahuveer" by its listener. The album has received very positive reviews and has attained the top spot on as well as the top 100 on iTunes on release.
In a video interview with him, he states that this album is about his experiences growing up in a family of Marathas, and experiences that he has read about in books and movies.
First album Rihani Deejays under KR pakal is in many ways a reaction to this project. The song, Nazya Naz, just shocked viewers online when it was released. This song later did the same thing; enraging viewers. Deeja, was a contributor in the website by joining the "Wanted" campaign, trying to find a girl for his friends.
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